Bedazzling The Bride

So. My sister got married a couple of weeks ago, and I will confess right here that it was the most fun wedding I've been to ever. The energy was amazing that day. Laughter and smiles were out in full force. Everyone's makeup was on point. The bridesmaid dresses turned out to be way hotter than expected (which is really great if you're semi-narcissist. I admit it).

It was good. Really good.

 I'm not normally a drinker but the champagne and cocktails were flowing heavy and the DJ was killing it, so of course my dancing shoes got some heavy work in. Fun Brittany was out in full force. 

But anyway. What I'm really here for is to show you all of the jewels we made for the bride and her maids. 

If you follow us on  Instagram (@gemsteady. Do It!) then you may have already seen the engagement ring and wedding bands (Yes that's bands. Plural) we made for Betsy so I'm going to skip those for now and go straight to the earrings.

We love a gorgeous drop earring just as much as the next guy, but we wanted to make her a pair that could be both formal and functional for daily wear. Betsy's dress was a sexy mas-up of old school glam and modern vixen, so we decided on this simplistic round and pear shape design to streamline the whole look and make the ultimate classic bride statement. These were perfect for her big day, but also practical for daily wear as the pear cut stone is easily removed so the round studs can be worn all by themselves.

                                                                              Side View.

                                                                              Side View.

Next up we have the bridesmaids gifts. Betsy was extremely generous to her maids and blinged us all the way out. I was lucky enough to be dubbed Maid of Honor so it was a major score for me too :) yay!

All seven of us received these gorgeous emerald cut white topaz studs. I was really wanting some new every day studs so I was really glad that it was my sisters obligation to both buy presents for her bridal party and support her sisters jewelry business. Everyone wins. Hooray!

At the last minute Betsy decided that everyone needed necklaces too. Since the Whittle Master was busy making jewels that require serious skills and couldn't be bothered we opted to go for something I could make quickly sans torch, so pearl necklaces it was!

We literally didn't get all the materials until about two days before the wedding so it was a mad dash putting all of them together in time. We made it though :D

Here's a couple shots from our way to the venue.

Just practicing our resting bitch face before the big event.

Papaw was thrilled to be between two beautiful ladies.

Aaaaand this is what the Whittle Master and I looked like by the end of the night. I would show you my SnapChat story, but I was way too fun in it. You'll just have to start following me (@gemsteady duh!) to catch all of my behind the scenes shenanigans. 

I'm going to stop here for now. I can't wait to get some of the professional pictures back from the photographers so I have better things to post than these selfies. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Bedazzling the Bride series and I will tell you all about the bride and grooms rings. 

Thanks for reading this post. What did you think about the earrings and necklaces we made for Betsy's wedding? Do you like the idea of convertible earrings? Tell me about it in the comments below and please follow, share, and like this post on Facebook. 

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See you next time!


Brittany C.