A Little Bit About Us

it all started back in september 2012...

Brittany and Robert began their journey into the jewelry business sort of by surprise. The couple had been dating for about 1.75 days when they started dabbling in the art of design and fabrication, then deciding to give the idea of making jewelry a whirl. A few days later Robert had created his very first rings using sterling silver that served as the couples wedding bands a few weeks later. 

Fast forward a few years and the Gem Steady duo is going harder than ever. Brittany and Robert enjoy working as a team in all aspects of life. Constantly evolving together in skill and creativity serves as one of their biggest joys. Gem Steady is now worn by clients all over the globe including Italy, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Australia, across the United States, and many, many places in between. Brittany and Robert love creating one of a kind heirloom jewels to be enjoyed by their clients and generations to come. 


AKA 'The Whittle Master' is as handy as they come. Before diving headfirst into diamonds, pearls, and all things sparkly he spent his days building skateboard ramps and life size Hot Wheels loops for extreme sporting events. Since spending years on the road traveling across the U.S. welding and fabricating structures on a massive level he now enjoys translating these skills on a much smaller scale while making magnificent wearable sculptures. Having no formal training as a goldsmith or jewelry making, Robert constantly wows with his evolving skill. From the tiniest pave diamond bands to massive and exquisite cocktail rings Robert proves himself as a natural over and again bringing ideas to life that exceed expectation. Some of Robert favorite things are coffee, measuring things twice then cutting them once, taking naps, his 'son' Milkfoot the opossum, and Chipotle. You can follow Robert on Instagram @thewhittlemaster to get his unique behind the scenes perspective of the art of making fine jewelry.


Brittany began her love affair with gemstones and crystals somewhere around 2009 when she was introduced to the metaphysical powers of quartz crystal. Upon the revelation that magic rocks were indeed a real thing she immediately immersed her curiosity full on and started collecting and studying all she could about each stones characteristics. She soon started using crystals in her meditation practice and to aid in her quest for a happier and more positive life. This is when the term 'Gem Steady' was born. The official Gem Steady definition can be found published in the Urban Dictionary as a way to express how incredible you are. The name and idea behind it quickly caught on and Brittany soon started 'prescribing' gemstones to people who were constantly asking her 'how do you do it?".  Brittany loves using stones for anything from insomnia to clearing negative vibrations from your surroundings. Brittany still enjoys learning about the wondrous world of metaphysics and will even design jewels with gemstones to support your individual needs. When she's not designing jewelry or working on something behind the scenes; Brittany enjoys meeting and petting animals, especially her chocolate lab The Town and her opossum Milky (update: Rest In Peace, Milky), eating, talking to strangers, and drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. Follow Brittany on Instagram @gemsteady to see their ever expanding gallery of baubles.