How I Use Mala Beads To Meditate and Manifest All Kinds of Great Stuff

Sooo...Even if you're not familiar with mala beads and how they're used, chances are you've seen them being worn all over the place. From monks and spiritual leaders to your average fashion junky, mala beads have been used for centuries and continue to gain appeal for both their use as meditation tools and because they look great with pretty much any outfit. Duh!

I use my mala beads every day to help me focus on positive affirmations, clear my head of anxiety, and to develop thought patterns that help me manifest my hearts desires more quickly.

Although there are specific numbers and attributes associated with mala prayer beads, you can develop your practice as it suits you. Traditionally you would chant the same words or mantra over again while touching each of the 108 beads. I use them a bit differently and take the time to express gratitude for all that I have as well as recite my personal affirmations.

For example: I always begin by stating how grateful I am for a new day and the opportunities it will bring. I might continue by thinking about all of the specific things that I have that deserve gratitude. Nothing is too small or insignificant. I might say things like...I am so grateful for all of the healthy food I have to eat...for the car I have that gets me safely where I need to be...for my husband and his incredible talents...ect. 

After I've expressed a bit of gratitude I like to flow into my positive affirmations for the day. You can change the words around to suit your particular situation and needs, but a few things that I like to concentrate on are having a better relationship with money, attracting joy and positive experiences into my life, and being a walking example of the things that I promote and believe in. 

Here are a few examples of affirmations I use everyday....


-Today I feel abundant and prosperous-

-Money flows easily and freely into my life-

-Unexpected and expected income find me daily-

-Every dollar I spend comes back to me 10 fold-


-I attract positive people into my life with my positive energy-

-Today I am filled with love and joy-

-I meet all challenges today with a positive and loving attitude-

-I bring peace to all situations-

-I leave all situations better than before I arrived-

It takes me about 15 minutes to go through each of the 108 beads and focus on something positive and I will say that it is absolutely a fifteen minutes very well spent. I always notice immediate results. I am happier, stress-free, and far more productive. Meditating in this form sets the mood for the rest of my day and allows me to attract all the things that I want and need in life. My personal relationships are better, I feel more motivated, and find that exciting opportunities are always finding me because that's what I'm focusing on and programming myself to attract. 

What are your favorite affirmations? Do you have a daily meditation practice? I would love to hear about them in the comments below. 

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