Citrine. My Old Faithful.

When I first started getting into gemstones citrine was one that I was immediately drawn to. I was ravenous about learning the properties of each stone, and the metaphysics of citrine really spoke my language. 

Happy yellow citrine is known as a powerful cleanser and is said to harness the power of the sun and dissolve negative energy. 

One of the most alluring things I learned while researching is that citrine is considered a 'stone of abundance'  and helps to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity. Upon reading this fact I immediately made it a point to acquire as much citrine as possible. I'd carry citrine in my wallet. Put citrine in the money corner of my house according to the rules of feng shui, and wore as much citrine jewelry as I could get my hands on.

Above is the massive citrine cocktail ring my babe made for me a couple of years ago. I still wear it pretty much daily (although I've considered having it undergo a makeover.) I love this ring. The emerald cut stone is just a few points shy of 25cts. You can definitely tell it's one of our older style cocktail rings, but it's got a timeless kind of gaudy that never gets old.

Let's reminisce on some more citrine from the Gem Steady archives, shall we..... 

Verde Citrine and Garnet Cocktail Ring

Citrine Garnet and Black Spinel Cocktail Ring

Citrine, Kyanite, and Pink Topaz Earrings

Emerald Cut Citrine Ring

Citrine and Tanzanite All Seeing Eye Ring

What's your favorite gemstone? Do you love citrine as much as I do? Do metaphysical characteristics influence your decision about the jewelry you buy and wear? I'd love to hear about your favorites in the comments below.

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Brittany C.