If You Were A Flaming Hot Cheeto Would You Eat Yourself?

Does it feel crazy to anyone else that another Halloween has already come and gone? I think someone put a time warp on 2014.

Before we know it, it will be time to gather together with our extended family we only see during select holidays, weddings, and funerals to shove our faces with mashed potatoes and hog out on pie. YUM!

Anyway...It's super cold here, so instead of dressing up like a peanut butter sandwich and socializing in public like a normal person I opted to bask in the warm glow of the internet and Google celebrity Halloween costumes. 

Below are some of my favorites from Halloweens past and present, but not the future because I'm not Sylvia Brown. Some celebrities are featured twice because their costume game is super strong and Heidi Klum is featured a hundred times because she is empress of the night.


Who do you think won Halloween this year? Tell me!