Cat Worship. A Royal Meow.

So apparently yesterday was national cat day. I'm more of a sloth or opossum person myself, but cats are ok too I guess. We actually just acquired a cat here at the Gem Steady household. His name is Grey Cat.

Grey Cat showed up on our front porch then welcomed himself inside and told us to make him a sandwich (which we promptly did). If there's one thing I can tell you about Grey Cat it is that he's stealth as fuck. Sometimes I think he just vaporizes into the room. One second I'm alone at my desk, then next thing I know I look up to see Grey Cat manipulating my thoughts with his cat telekinesis not 3 feet away.

I thought I'd celebrate yesterdays important holiday by posting lots of pictures of cats in jewelry and other royal garb. It's always important to respect our distinguished feline friends or else they'll jump up on your counter to knock all your most important things over and leave all your least important things unscathed.


Do you have a cat who rules your household? Do you dress it in rings and tiaras? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.