What Can I Say? I'm a Sucker For Percussion.

So as I was clicking around the internet tonight and was reminded of my love for Fiona Apple. That woman was pretty much my idol from the age of 11 all the way through college. I loved everything about her. How she seiz-flop-danced around on stage with that long, long hair. The way she played piano directly from her dying, aching soul. Her hobo skirts and crop tops, and her rad fucking belly button ring that my mom would never let me copy but I got one anyway....

I was hooked ever since my boyfriend bought me her album Tidal when I was in the 7th grade. 

Take a moment to time travel back to 1997 with me. Let Fiona's lyrics teach you that you don't just have to suffer from darkness and despair; you can also turn it into clever metaphors. 

Who was your favorite artist in the 90's? Tell me in the comments below. Bonus points for posting video.


Brittany C.