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Happy Tuesday again everyone! Time has been just flying by this year and we’re already bringing to see some spring like weather in the Ohio River Valley! In honor of the beautiful spring weather we’ll be discussing an equally lovely gem this week. This gem has been an enormously popular stone for thousands of years. We’ll be discussing the ravish Ruby!

Many ancient societies valued the amazing Ruby even higher than the spectacular Diamond. Rubies have been used to symbolize the sun as a result of the vibrant colors that are seen in each gem. In the past, rubies were worn as a charm to attempt to ward off the plague and other diseases. Rubies have been used to honor the Italian goddess of the twelfth night, Befana, and the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet.

Rubies are also able to keep your body safe and your mind free of sadness. Additionally, this wonderful gem will stimulate the Base Chakra and increase vitality throughout your body and spirit. Rubies will also help to create a clear mind that will enable you to increase your concentration and create a sense of self-confidence. Every natural Ruby is unique and beautiful in the “imperfections” within them. The variations of color within the gem add to the individuality of each Ruby.

Rubies can served a wide variety of purposes that add to the amazing value of the gem. They can be used in some areas such as watchmaking and even in some medical instruments. However, simply wearing a Ruby can help to sharpen your mind and bring a courageous attitude to the wearer. Additionally, this July birthstone can be used to ward off nightmares to the wearer.

Are you looking for a great new Ruby addition? If so, Gem Steady has you covered! Do you have a favorite gem, or piece, that you love wearing in spring? We would love to hear about it, leave us a comment below or tweet us!

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