Captivating Carnelian

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week we’re discussing a particularly captivating gem that is sure to make its wearer the envy of everyone who sees it. The amazing gem’s energy can bring a warmth and joy that will empower those who wear it. Additionally, this great gem is known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage. The Carnelian gems have inspired people throughout history.

This member of the Quartz family appears in a variety of colors from a light pinkish orange to a deep rusty brown. Ancient Egyptians used to call Carnelian the setting sun. In ancient Egypt, architects used Carnelian to show their rank of builder. Carnelian was also used to honor the Egyptian goddess of life and most important goddess, Isis.

In its past, alchemists of the Middle Ages used Carnelian as a boiling stone that activated the energy of other Chalcedonies. Additionally, ancient warriors wore Carnelian to give them courage during battle. It was also believed to prevent illness and even the plague.  

Carnelians are thought to be extremely valuable in training and in assisting in coordination while doing physical exercise programs. The beautiful gem is also believed to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. The stone can also ward off pressures in the workplace and create drive and determination. This gem will stimulate the second and base chakras.

This great gem is popular amongst architects, builders and construction workers in their planning and creating of buildings. It can also stimulate motivation in salespersons. Carnelians can create courage to help people overcome difficulties and defend their causes. Carnelian has been believed to help timid speakers to become much more bold. It can also help to stimulate creativity and will improve concentration.

Are you looking for an addition to your gem collection? If so, Gem Steady has you covered! Do you have a favorite piece for the spring or any experience with Carnelian? We would love to hear about it, leave us a comment below or tweet us!

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