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Hi everyone I hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of spring! I’m so excited about this week’s post. We’re going to shake things up and, rather than focus on a “gem of the week,” we’re going to discuss a growing trend in the jewelry world. Every bride is unique and today there are a number of brides who want everything from their engagement to their wedding day to be as unique as they are. As a result, non-traditional engagement rings have been steadily growing in popularity.

An engagement ring can be classified as “alternative” for a variety of reason including the metal and gem choice. Gem Steady has also been taking part in this trend with more and more people selecting colored gems such as Moldavite, Ruby, Emerald, rough Diamonds, and Diamond Slices. People from all different walks of life are selecting alternative rings over the traditional diamond engagement ring. While non-traditional rings may still not be the most popular ring option, they are undoubtedly the most memorable.

And like many trends, these non-traditional rings are popping up all over Hollywood. A number of stars, such as Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, and Olivia Wilde, have all opted for alternative engagement rings. With a growing number of people wanting their weddings and lives to be as unique as they are, it’s no surprise that so many people are following these celebrities’ leads.

If you’re looking for a ring as extraordinary as you are be sure to check out Gem Steady’s amazing selection! Do you think alternative engagement rings are simply a trend or do you think they’re here to stay? Let us know! Leave us a comment below and tweet us with your thoughts!

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