The Marvel of Moldavite

 Live from Gem Steady, it’s Saturday night! Tonight we are going to discuss a very special gem that you will not find buried deep beneath the earth’s crust. Our gem this week is Moldavite, and it is literally out of this world. The most popular theory for the origin of Moldavite is that a meteorite crashed into what is now the Bohemian Plateau, nearly 14.8 million years ago, creating a beautiful olive-green glass-like formation. Moldavite can only be mined in the Czech Republic and will be extinct one day. One should not let Moldavite’s rugged texture, and eerie extraterrestrial appearance keep them from reaping the positive benefits of this unique stone.
Moldavite is a wonderful stone for a worrywart who is trying to ease their weary tendencies. Our glassy-green stone has been said to repel needless worrying, and it helps to calm down an over-worked mind. Life will deliver miniscule setbacks that can send needless panic through our body, and corrupt our well-being. The easy-going nature of Moldavite can help prevent this from happening.
  Moldavite has been said to be a comforting stone for those who are searching for their true meaning of existence. Moldavite can open one’s eyes to talents that once went unrecognized, and it can be a gem version of a guidance councilor. It can open one’s mind to experimenting with new hobbies and trades that may have seemed too difficult to try at first.
  Moldavite can unearth one’s intuitive instincts and open the mind to events that have not yet happened. This stone will not exactly make you a psychic, but it can certainly help one tap into intuitive thoughts and help you pay closer attention to any “gut feelings”.
  Our gem of the week is also great for those who keep emotions locked up tight and have difficulties discussing their problems with others. Moldavite makes talking about personal matters seem less daunting and can bring a lot of peace to one’s mind. This green gem can also help one to find beauty in all living things, and even in one’s own being. Moldavite can encourage comfort in one’s own skin and it can really help you learn to love yourself, and embrace your assets and flaws.
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 Have a safe and fun Saturday night everyone!

-Love Intern BB