Tantalizing Tanzanite

  Happy Saturday my gem-tastic audience! I figured you would all be out snagging black Friday bargains yesterday, so it seemed wise to post today instead. I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, filled with joy and love, and I hope you all got to spend it with your loved ones. December is right around the corner and to celebrate, I am dedicating this post to Tanzanite, the December birthstone. This violet-blue marvel is ready to work wonders for you.
  Tanzanite is an excellent stone for those who find it difficult to speak their mind, or speak in front of a large crowd. Are you too nervous to voice an opinion during a meeting? Grab some Tanzanite! Do your words turn to gibberish when speaking to your crush? You guessed it, wear some Tanzanite. The blue hue of Tanzanite opens the throat, which makes it a powerful gem for communication.
  Tanzanite’s violet-blue tint can also inspire one to do charitable work. This gem will help you become selfless, and inspire you to put more emphasis on helping others and spreading good vibes. Tanzanite knows that truly happy souls are those who share as much love as they take. This is a great gem to embrace during the holiday season when those who are less fortunate need extra love. Pick up some Tanzanite and begin to spread good vibes like never before!
  Tanzanite helps one to become a better listener and it provides a large dose of compassion. While listening to someone’s story of emotional trauma, Tanzanite can put you in that person's shoes and help you better interpret the situation with sympathy and a new point of view. This ability makes Tanzanite excellent for therapists, or anyone who wants to become a better listener.
  Tanzanite can release feelings that have long been repressed and it can help one learn a lot about them selves. This makes the December birthstone excellent for college students searching for their true calling or anyone trying to choose a path that is right for them. Tanzanite can help one explore the deepest depths of their mind and this can lead to the discovery of one’s true passion.
  Tanzanite is a very respectful and loving gem, and it is certainly not limited to helping those with December birthdays. Have you experienced the powers of tanzanite? Tell us about it!
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What gem would you like to learn about next week? let us know!

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for reading!
-Love Intern BB