Lovely Lodolite

Happy belated New Years from an unusually cold Ohio River Valley! For the first blog post of the New Year I’d like to cover a unique gem found on Earth. So feel free to grab a mug of your favorite cold weather drink and warm up while we discuss one of the most calming gems on Earth. In the middle of winter there’s something so refreshing about a gem like Lodolite, which, to me, seems to be strongly connected with spring. The clarity combined with the scenic view inside each stone is reminiscent of walking through a park in the first few weeks of spring.

  Lodolite is different from many other gems because no two Lodolite stones are the same. Each Lodolite is distinctly its own. Lodolite is known by numerous names including garden quartz, landscape quartz and scenic quartz. It is easy to see why each of the different names has the same inspiration. Looking in through the clear Lodolite is very similar to viewing a garden, landscape or a scenic view.

  But, don’t let Lodolite’s gorgeous appearance distract you too much. There’s so much more to this gem. One of the most amazing things about this gem is Lodolite’s ability to promote healing energies, which can help cure virtually any ailment. As if promoting healing wasn’t enough, Lodolite can help you connect with a past life and can increase ESP by heightening your spiritual energies. Lodolite is often used in meditation practices and can even promote loving energies. This wonder gem will also help you become more aware of your own emotions.

  Additionally, Lodolite is associated with the crown chakra, which is featured in Hinduism and Buddhism through yoga.  And Lodolite is often used in meditation practices because it can promote spirit guides. Lodolite can also help you let go of bad memories that cause stress. It is very obvious that Lodolite is simply an amazing gem that can help you in a huge variety of ways.

Are you looking for a gem like Lodolite that’s just as unique as you are? Look no further than Gem Steady! Have you had an experience with Lodolite’s positive energy? We would love to hear about it!

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