Lusting Over Citrine

Happy Friday to all of you gem-thusiasts out there! This week, we are discussing a gorgeous gem that gives off a glow reminiscent of the golden Hawaiian sunrise. It comes at no surprise that our glowing goddess of a gem is the planetary stone for the sun sign, Virgo.  This sun-kissed stone was referred to as yellow quartz for thousands of years before it was given its official name in 1556, by German metallurgist Georg Bauer. Our gem this week is Citrine, and aside from its lovely sunny color, this gem has a lot to offer us.
  Citrine’s energy is brighter than a ray of sunlight and it radiates positivity to all who embrace it. This sunny stone repels mean-spirited thoughts and releases wishes of vendetta and promotes cheerful thoughts and a positive outlook on life. Citrine is often referred to as the merchant’s stone, because it promotes success and can make one’s business more lucrative. Citrine has a strong combination of powers that help to make someone more successful. Citrine can help you radiate positivity, it can boost your confidence and it can trigger endless creative ideas. All of these qualities are great for being successful in the work place, whether you work at a large corporation, or if you are a small business owner.  Smuggle some Citrine into your next meeting and see what happens!
  Citrine possesses the power to ease tension within a group and it prevents arguments from forming. It is especially good for resolving issues within a family. Are you dreading the thought of bickering family around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Be sure to bring along some Citrine to make your holidays run a little smoother.
  Citrine enjoys playing matchmaker from time to time and can help one find a partner. We already know that Citrine can bring out our best qualities and make us radiate joy and confidence, so others are bound to notice. Looking for that special someone? Let Citrine join your next girl’s night out and watch as you become the belle of the ball(or rather, belle of the bar). Citrine is also an excellent stone for those who are deeply concerned about criticism. Citrine eases extreme sensitivity that some experience when negative energy is pointed their way and it can help one move away from these tendencies.  
  There are no boundaries when it comes to the age one must be to experience Citrine’s amazing healing properties. The gift of Citrine to a newborn baby endows the child with intelligence, confidence, curiosity and wisdom as he or she grows. 
  Whether you are looking to give Citrine to others or treat yourself to this glorious gem, look no further than Gem Steady! Do you have a special Citrine piece that has brought you good fortune? We would love to hear about it!
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  Thank you all for reading and have a fantastic week!
 Love, Intern BB