Quartz Case

  Happy Friday my Gem Steady fanatics! This post is of course dedicated to a gem worthy of our attention, but I have a little surprise for you all. I was assigned to write a profile article for my magazine class, and I chose to write a story on Gem Steady founder, Brittany C. I will be posting the article on this blog tomorrow morning so please check it out! I loved learning more about Brittany and her husband Bobby. In addition to being some of the nicest and most chill people I have ever met, they are really freakin interesting!
  Our gem of the week can be found mingling with a 24 karat gold band and beneath our feet, deep within the Earth’s crust. This crystal is composed of titanium dioxide and comes in a wide array of color variations, all with rutile needles running through them. Today we are celebrating Rutilated Quartz and this magnificent beauty has a lot of wonderful benefits to offer us.
  Rutilated Quartz is recognized for its ability to help one control their focus. In this day and age, we have countless distractions. So what if you have a paper due in 30 minutes? You also have access to social media, special interest websites, online shopping, texting, email and thousands of other distractions that lurk on the web and beyond. Even though we try to train ourselves that work comes first and playtime comes second, we are no match for the amount of distractions placed in front of us on a daily basis. Rutilated Quartz can combat this issue and retrain the mind to focus on one thing at a time.
  Rutilated Quartz is a very stable gem, with a knack for digging up the root of an issue. This gem is fantastic for those with mental hang-ups that are not fully understandable. This gem allows one to sift through the depths of their mind, and it brings attention to forgotten memories and experiences that may be causing a pressing issue. This particular type of quartz can stabilize whacked out emotional feelings and help one to find inner peace. This leads to Rutilated Quartz warding off feelings of loneliness and depression. This gem will bring attention to ugly things within the mind that need to be dealt with, and the results are marvelous. Disposing of negative, ignored energy can give one a new found confidence, and a deep level of self-trust. Rutilated Quartz is aware that you need to understand your issues to solve them, and come out on top.
  Our gem of the week has been said to give immune systems an extra boost and help the body absorb nutrients. I will be wearing Rutilated Quartz in place of a flu shot this year! Rutilated Quartz has also been said to decrease aging and can give its keeper a dose of youthfulness.
  Rutilated Quartz can help cleanse us from the inside out and it has so much more to offer than beauty alone. Are you ready to bring Rutilated Quartz into your life? Cantact Gem Steady for available pieces. 

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  Thank you all for reading! Come back tomorrow to learn more about the lovely face behind Gem Steady!
 -Love Intern BB