Totally Topaz

Happy Friday to all of you with a lust for gems! I would like to start by saying that I am overwhelmed with joy that November is here. I love knowing that all of the holidays and family gatherings are just around the corner! This post is dedicated to the November birthstone, Topaz. A hunk of Topaz that is free of any impurities will be crystal clear, however, it is more common to see this gem in shades of orange, blue, yellow and a rich wine color. Topaz can be harvested in Europe, Asia, South America and even right here in the United States. Topaz has been around for centuries and it was so popular in the Middle Ages that all resembling stones were also called Topaz. 
  The healing properties of Topaz vary based on its color. Goldish-yellow Topaz is an excellent gem for people wanting to liven up their social life. Yellow Topaz can help attract positive new friends and encourage healthy relationships in one’s life. This particular shade of Topaz can bring out your inner adventurer and it can encourage even the most timid of wall-flowers to take a few risks.
  Blue Topaz is equally beneficial in its own way and it is especially good for those who have lived through a traumatic event. Blue Topaz has the ability to ease one’s fears and let go of negative memories. This special gem soothes a depressed spirit and can encourage those suffering from depression to let go of whatever is holding them back. Blue Topaz has been associated with speeding up the metabolism and it is a popular gem for weight loss and increased energy. Definitely throw some blue Topaz in your pocket before your next run!
   Blue Topaz is also an excellent stone for artists and it is associated with stimulating creativity. This goes hand in hand with clear Topaz, which is an excellent learning gem. Clear Topaz can sharpen the mind and narrow one’s focus when they are trying to pick up a new skill. Green Topaz wants to keep any thoughts of seeking revenge on someone away. This shade of Topaz keeps you grounded and helps one stay level headed during tough situations.
  Are you all dying to get your hands on some Topaz now? I know I am! Here is a great little addition for your Topaz collection, by Gem Steady of course!  
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Thanks again for reading! You are all lovely gems!
Love Intern BB