Rich With Rubies

 Happy Friday my gem-loving pals! Before we discuss this week’s glorious gem, I wanted to let you all know that we have some exciting celestial events coming up in October. October 18 is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will cause the full moon to darken. Let’s hope for a clear night so we can enjoy it! A few days later on October 21 we will experience the Orionids Meteor Shower, caused by leftover dust from Halley’s comet. There will be special posts about these events in the coming weeks so check back often!
  This week Gem Steady is seeing red, because our gem of the week is the Ruby! Rubies are related to Sapphires because they both are gem-quality corundum and they are both richly pigmented precious stones. A Ruby’s color can range from panther pink, to a deep blood red. Most Rubies come with imperfections and when a flawless Ruby is found, it demands a price higher than a Diamond. Even though the little red charmer has a few flaws, our dear friend Ruby is truly beautiful. Just ask the Chinese Emperor, Kublai Khan from the 10th century. The guy traded an entire city for a fiery red Ruby.
  Throughout history, the precious Ruby has been said to bring nobility, love and success to its keeper. Rubies are just as powerful today as they were in ancient times. The vibrant red rock is known for promoting stamina and vitality. This stone packs a lot of energy and power so keep a Ruby close by when you engage in physical activity.
  Ruby is a fantastic stone for the lethargic or tired folk. The next time your to do list extends to the ground and you feel like being a couch potato, place a Ruby around your neck and accomplish your tasks with ease.
  So, Ruby definitely wants you to be an active, healthy, and productive individual, but it has a special power that is especially useful during the month of October. Rubies have been said to neutralize the sensation of fear when encountering something paranormal, evil, or unusual. Are you too jumpy for a night of haunted houses and ghost tours with your buddies? Keep a Ruby in your pocket and the ghosts and goblins will seem harmless as a fuzzy kitten.  
  Are you in need of a new Ruby to increase your stamina, fight off your inner scaredy cat and most importantly to look stunning on your finger? Look no further than Gem Steady’s Etsy!
  Thank you all for reading! Do you have a favorite Ruby piece? Tell us about it!
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