Falling for Fluorite

  Happy Friday my fantastic gem fanatics! I have been in Destin FL this week and I have to say, there is nothing like star/moon gazing on an empty beach at night. I will be sure to post a few moon photos in the next week. Whether I am on the road or back in Cincinnati, I certainly cannot forget about our weekly gem, which happens to be Fluorite this week.
This vibrant little mineral is composed of calcium fluoride and is quite a versatile gem. Fluorite is used in the production of certain telescopes, microscopes and is popular in the jewelry and healing world as well. Fluorite is quite unique because it is often found with multiple colors in one stone and just about every color of the rainbow can be represented in Fluorite.
  Fluorite is known as a “genius stone” because it is one smart cookie of a gem. Fluorite can sense unwanted energy and does not think twice before vacuuming it up and getting rid of it. Our colorful crystal is perfect for anyone who is feeling closed-minded. Fluorite will open you up to new experiences and opportunities because it enhances one’s ability to see the big picture rather than viewing the world inside of the box. Fluorite can also help you become wiser in situations involving intense emotions. Fluorite knows that it can be difficult to think straight when your feelings are running rampant, and it helps you step back and view the situation objectively.
  Fluorite is known as a balancing crystal, meaning it balances the negative and positive energy within the body, mind and soul creating a peaceful sensation for its keeper. Fluorite is kind of like having a guard dog, only in gem form. It wants to protect you from using bad judgment while under pressure and it fights manipulation from others trying to cause harm. Fluorite is an excellent stone for students or anyone trying to learn a new skill because it helps you grasp abstract concepts and it helps you think on your feet. 
  Fluorite is a very friendly gem because it actually helps other gems become extra powerful. In other words, if your meditative stones are acting a tad sluggish, they may need a boost from Fluorite. So, now it is easy to see why Fluorite is known as a genius stone. It can solve just about any problem!
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Have a fantastic week everyone!
Love intern BB