Ring of Fire

  Happy Friday my Gem Steady loves! Brittany C. and the Whittle Master made a few gem-tastic purchases lately that have me oh so inspired. Opal, in my opinion is one of the most fascinating gemstones around. Their sparkling multi-colored flecks glisten like the star speckled sky and is oddly enough formed out of hydrated silica. Opal comes from a land down under and is the official gemstone of Australia, which happens to produce 97% of the world’s supply of this dazzling rock.  The base-color of Opal can be clear, white, gray, magenta, green and blue to name a few and the most coveted colors are red against black. There are two types of Opal. Precious Opal has an array of color specks while common Opal is often opaque.
  Opal is sought after for its beauty, and during the Middle Ages it was coveted for its ability to bring good luck. Back then you wouldn’t find a rabbit’s foot nestled in the pocket of one’s britches. You would find their lucky Opal! The Opal was considered lucky because of the multi-colored flecks that supposedly represented other gemstones. The more colors within the Opal, the luckier it was.  A slightly stranger use for the stone during this time was invisibility. Some souls believed that an Opal wrapped in a fresh bay leaf, could be used as a cloak of invisibility while nestled in one’s palm. Sadly, there is no historic evidence to back this claim(otherwise I’d be stocking up on Opal and bay leaves!).
  Jump forward to present day and the Opal still has a vast amount of uses and healing properties. Opal is closely connected with the human mind. It has the ability to enhance memory, and bump up creative juices.
  Some may refer to Opal as a classier mood ring, because it reflects the mood of whoever is wearing it. Sensitive souls may experience greater sensations from Opal because it is a stone ripe with emotions. However, Opal’s emotional tendencies do not make it a weak or timid stone. In fact, Opal encourages its owner to be independent and original. Not to mention it encourages confidence in one’s own skin. Let a few Opals dangle from your ear lobes and discover your full potential and feel a sense of self-worth like never before.
  So, Opal can make you feel pretty darn good about yourself, but did you know it can help you make others feel real good too? Opal is a stone used for heat and passion. Opal is sensual and enticing and it makes an excellent piece for the hopeless romantic. Wear Opal on your next date to test out its full romantic abilities.
  I know you are all dying to get your paws on some Opal now; I am too! Head over to Gem Steady’s Etsy for available pieces and custom pieces.
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