That Darn Garnet

  Happy Friday my lovely Gem Steadies! Lets use this glorious morning as an excuse to gab about some pretty rocks. We are dedicating this post the January birthstone, Garnet. This special mineral has been swooned over for its natural beauty since the Bronze Age. While many know Garnet as a deep red rock, other varieties can be found in green, pink, orange, brown and the rarest of them all, blue. Garnet can be a real trickster when it comes to a true color because certain varieties, such as blue Garnet can change color in incandescent light. What a color chameleon!
  So, Garnet is a beautiful gem and with its ability to change color it could land a day job as a magician, but this little mineral contains deeper powers too. Garnet is a multi-tasker with a wide array benefits and solutions for both physical and mental health. In Medieval times, Garnet played a big role in medicine and it was known for healing hemorrhages and inflammation. Some may consider Garnet as the ancient version of a protein powder. It was very popular to wear a bit of Garnet before engaging in physical activity because the stone has been said to boost endurance and strength. I’ll be sure to toss a few garnets in my gym bag prior to my next sweat session.
  Garnet is not only a fantastic workout buddy, it is also a great business partner, especially if your business is people-oriented. Garnet is said to increase one’s confidence and people skills, causing others to be attracted to the Garnet-clad soul. If you want to be Miss(or Mister) popular around your office, be sure to wear some Garnet to your next meeting.
  Garnet is a very positive stone, as we already know and perhaps its greatest strength is helping those suffering from depression. Our sweet little stone likes to find the root of one’s unhappiness and kick it to the curb. It digs through your mind, picking up any negative thoughts along the way, throws them in trash bag and sends them packing. Wearing Garnet is a good way to become a balanced, level-headed individual. Garnet knows that too much of anything is not healthy and it encourages an easy-going, relaxed manner. Garnet is not exactly a hippy, but it certainly is one mellow dude.
 Our marvelous Garnet certainly is an admirable gem and would make one fabulous best friend(if it became human). Do you need a rock that is a popular, non-dramatic workout buddy that wants you to strive in the workplace? Gem Steady has you covered! Check out this ring and don’t be shy to ask about custom pieces!  
   Now tell us all about your positive experiences with Garnet!

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Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
Love intern BB