Fit for a Queen

  Happy Friday lovely Gem Steadies! I would like to start by sending out a big happy birthday to Gem Steady Queen, Brittany C! In honor of Brittany C’s Friday the 13th birthday, we are going to examine the dazzling world of Sapphires, which happen to be the September birthstone. The Sapphire’s blue hue possesses a striking resemblance to the ocean’s depths and is just as luxurious as a bejeweled crown nestled atop a fine silk pillow. One look at one of these lapis lovelies will leave you memorized. Wrap a Sapphire around your finger and you will feel down right royal.
  The luxurious Sapphire has a history that certainly holds up to its beauty. Kings and queens of ancient Rome and Greece adorned themselves in Sapphires to ward off envy and harm. During Medieval times the Sapphire fulfilled a similar purpose for the wealthy, giving its owner protection and wisdom. Fast forward to slightly more recent times, when Prince Charles gifted Diana Spencer with a marvelous Sapphire engagement ring, which she adored according to reports. Now this is one seriously royal stone!
  Nearly every well-established religion has held a special use for the Sapphire, which is easily understood considering the stone can enhance faith and sincerity. Buddhists saw the Sapphire as a source of spiritual enlightenment, while Hindus used the beautiful blue gems in offerings to align astrological influences. Christians made ecclesiastical rings with Sapphires, because they symbolized chastity.
  Luckily for everyone who is not royal or super devout, Sapphires are still waiting to work magic on you too. Sapphire’s are little blue geniuses that can provide their keeper with wisdom and serious book smarts, and even just simple common sense. Slip on some Sapphire before making an important decision and during exam week. Sapphire can be like X-ray glasses. It helps one to see the underlying truth beneath a big messy pile of lies.
   Our royal gem Sapphire is fabulous for the goal-oriented soul, as it increases organizational skills and determination. Sapphire is almost like a big breath of fresh air. It can clear the mind and can make the messiest of situations an orderly one.
  Getting engaged soon? Sapphire is a very romantic gem and it encourages love and honesty, making it a wonderful choice for an engagement ring. Even if you are not in love, chances are you could fall in love with Sapphire. Embrace Sapphire as the marvelous, wise, focused stone it is and reap the benefits for a lifetime.
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