A Little Brown Can Brighten Your Day

Smoky quartz. A beautiful staple for everyones jewelry collection. This gem comes in a variety of shades from opaque deep espresso to transparent milk chocolate to suit your earth tone hue of choice.

The pear cut gem in the ring pictured above is a particular beautiful cognac colored specimen of smoky quartz. We have actually had this guy in our collection for some time now, and I had (many times) considered creating something with it to keep for myself. But alas.... a suitor came a calling...

We love it when our clients give us free-range on the design and setting of our custom pieces. This stone deserved to be kept front and center with no distractions, so we felt that the minimalist approach was the best way to go.

Aside from the obvious sparkle and beauty this gem embody's, smoky quartz is well regarded for it's powerful metaphysical properties. Smoky quartz is known as a stone of power, it helps to ground its user and ward off negative thoughts, bad moods, and resentments. It has been used to help manifest personal and business success, and is even thought to help with kicking the dirty dirty habit of smoking!

Sounds pretty rad, right? 

Check out the video below of me admiring this gorgeous ring in various settings before shipping her off to her new master. And if you're interested in having a piece of jewelry created for yourself click right here to send me an email and tell me a little bit about what you have in mind!

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Brittany C.