A Ring In His Honor

Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages. Although it is considered a semi-precious stone today it has, at times, been valued as much as diamonds. 

In the world of tradition and metaphysics amethyst has been known to enhance focus and meditation, increase intelligence, purify the aura and dissolve negative energy. Many today still highly regard amethyst for not only its obvious beauty but for the stones high vibration of love, peace, and passion. 

The ring in the photograph above was designed and created with all of those qualities in mind, and is now being worn by our client in memory of her late husband.

Cricket and Bill have an incredible love story, and it was a privilege to bring her vision to life in their honor. In 1999 Bill was injured in a work related accident and lived as a quadriplegic with his wife by his side until passing on in September of 2014. 

For Cricket every part of this ring represents Bill. The hand-engraved family crest on the band, the shape of the custom faceted amethyst to resemble Superman's symbol which was a favorite of Bills, and an engraved roman numeral III on the bottom of the band which was the couples favorite number.

It is our hope that this ring will bring joy and a lifetime of fond memories to Cricket of her husband and we thank her for entrusting us to craft this piece and bring her dream to life.

To read more about Bill and Cricket Boyd visit their website here.

Amethyst custom faceted by our friend Kurt Card from Foothills Gemstones.

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