The Poise of Turquoise

  It is Friday once again my rockin-rock fans and it is time to talk about some pretty jewels and gems. Our gem this week is a stunning bluish-green stone that has been widely popular since ancient times. Turquoise is the ravishing star of this post and it was coveted in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and the Indus Valley. In ancient times, Turquoise was regarded as an elaborate stone that decorated mosques, swords, masks, jewelry and even Tutankhamun’s tomb. In earlier years, Turquoise defended its owner from the threat of an unnatural death. Turquoise was and still is a very important stone in Native American culture and the gem has protected burial sites and adorned priests while performing ceremonies. Turquoise is still a fantastic stone for protection, but it has a wider range of usage these days.
  Those who keep Turquoise close by tend to put out a peaceful aura and have a serene outlook on life. Mimicking the colors of the rolling blue sea, Turquoise is wonderful for busy bodies who cannot seem to find a source of relaxation. Adorn yourself with Turquoise to experience the natural calm of this stone. 
  Turquoise works beautifully to balance out the mind and soul. Turquoise repels moodiness, negativity and helps one to make sensible, smart decisions. Our lovely gem can help make its keeper be more comfortable in their own skin and it is a major confidence booster. Turquoise is magnificent for the nervous soul that struggles with striking up conversations, public speaking and interacting with strangers.
Much like its use in ancient times, turquoise remains a powerful protecting stone. The beaming blue gem protects against evil energy and creates a shield of sorts within the mind to keep bad energy from seeping in.
   Turquoise likes to play doctor from time to time and it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it can actually help the body absorb nutrients. Turquoise can work magic on sore and achy muscles and is a fabulous stone for pain relief. Keep turquoise handy after a long day of work and let it soothe your soreness away.
  So, there you have it. Turquoise is not only a gorgeous gem that has been vastly coveted for centuries, but it has an array of healing effects on the mind and body too. 
 Are you a fan of Turquoise? Send us a shot of your favorite Turquoise piece! The Hybrid Eclipse is just around the corner and so is the Taurids Meteor Shower so come back tomorrow for a special star gazing post!
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 Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you had a very fun and safe Halloween!
Love Intern BB