Beautiful Inside and Out

  Happy Friday to all of my Gem Steady gem-thusiasts(new gem puns)! This post is inspired by Brittany C’s recent haul of gorgeous dendrite quartz, so lets discover the history and healing power of these little beauties. Dendrites are very special crystals because there is a happy little surprise inside and that surprise happens to be a mini garden of sorts. That’s right, plant motifs decorate these delicate little stones. However, these mini branches, leaves and trees are not what they seem. What appears to be fossilized plants beneath dendrite’s clear surface is actually the work of inorganic manganese oxide.
  When iron and moisture find themselves trapped inside of the quartz, a staining process begins, creating patterns that appear to be fossilized plants. While they may not be legit fossils, dendrites are magnificently beautiful with a hefty variety of healing powers.
   Dendrites are the stone to turn to when you feel engulfed by modern-day burdens. Sometimes we need a break from all of the iPhones, Facebook, tablets and other technology(except this blog… you need this blog!). Dendrite quartz will bring you back to nature and help you reconnect with earth and the outdoors.
 Dendrite quartz has a drive for eliminating the artificial elements in one’s life and it has the ability to make a person see what really matters. When someone erases a trivial element of their life, such as a daily frappe, it can seem nearly unbearable. However, erasing something more valuable such as a family member will make you forget all about that frappe(even though they are delicious). Dendrite quartz wants to bring its keeper to this realization that trivial things are not of great value and more appreciation should be directed toward truly important things and people.
 Our pal dendrite really values the importance of spending time with family and some believe that it can strengthen bonds with loved ones and even revive estranged relationships. Dendrite is one of the most positive crystals you could ever hope to meet and it has the power to ease tension between two people who are not on the best terms. It is great for those hoping to revive a friendship that was once strong.
  Dendrite quartz allows the ability to erase a troubled past and turn over a new, positive leaf. This stone has been very popular for those with a troubled childhood or teenage years. Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness, according to dendrite.  Dendrite quartz is also known to bring prosperity and achievement to one’s career. This is a fantastic stone to keep in your office desk or wear to meetings.
  Dendrite is certainly a positive stone that promotes healthy relationships, with people and the planet and it is fantastic for those hoping to get more out of their career. Contact Gem Steady for available dendrite pieces and let these little beauties work some magic in your life!
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Thank you all so much for reading! What gem do you want to see next week?

 Love Intern BB