Happiness Is A Green Stone

  Happy Friday Lovely Gem Steadies, intern BB here! Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of August already? Lets pay tribute by introducing the August birthstone, Peridot to the Gem Steady blog. Peridot is a marvelous opaque gem that is usually green as the rolling hills of Ireland. In ancient times, Peridot was known as the stone of springtime and brought renewal to nature and people.
 Peridot’s ancient powers have carried over to current day, as it is the perfect gem for those seeking change and for anyone looking to rid of old baggage. Think of Peridot as a wise older sister because it knows that living in the past is unhealthy and it always has your best interest at heart. You know that rocky breakup that haunts your brain like a wickedly catchy Miley Cyrus song? Wrap your wrists in some Peridot and begin your journey into a bright and positive future, letting go of past negativities.  
  You may be skeptical of how a little green gem can do something as magical as erasing a troubled past, but the answer is quite simple. Peridot is the perfect positivity promoter(my apologies for such a tongue twister) and the gem supports a very healthy way of thinking. Peridot wants to help you let go of grudges, spite and jealousy while providing a non-egotistical dose of confidence.
  Peridot is fantastic for those who want to embrace the idea of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Our little green gem will remind you to cut yourself a break here and there, and take past mistakes and learn from them. Don’t dwell on the bad, remove the positive pieces from negative memories and let go of the rest.
  The good vibes of Peridot expand even further as it helps you realize your own flaws(especially negativity) and can help you see things in a new light. Peridot strives to help those who see the glass as half empty and with a willing soul, it can reshape our way of thinking to see how full that glass really is. Any Peridot piece will proudly make its owner aware of the beauties of life and the power of forgiveness.
  I hope you enjoyed learning about the August birthstone and embrace its positive vibes!  Now tell me readers, what would you LOVE to see on the Gem Steady blog? Leave us some love and ideas in the comment box bellow!
Thank you so much for reading!
Love Intern BB