Let What You Love Be What You Do.

Hey there, Steady Gemmers. This is Coach Brit C. Thanks for checking out my second installment on the Gem Steady blog. It's good to be here. I was clicking around on Pinterest just a minute ago and came upon this quote:

 "Let what you love be what you do."

Sounds great, right? Let what you love be what you do....
After thinking about it briefly I came to the conclusion that I was really glad to be able to say THAT I DO love what I do. And it's awesome.

I play with gems all day.
I love those.
I get to hang out with my cute husband while he makes badass jewelry.
I love that.
I talk to strangers on the internet all the time about rings and being awesome.
Whats not to love there?
And most importantly I do my best to spread the Gem Steady ultra mega positive vibes.
My number one favorite thing to do.

I love it.

Applying this motto isn't as tough as some of you might be thinking. I'm not saying quit your job and ditch your family in pursuit of your dreams as a trapeze artist. No! But maybe pick up an aerial aerobics class once a week or something. If you love puppies; volunteer at the homeless dog shelter. Collect those stamps you're so smitten with. Write a song. Dust off that old guitar. Get out your oil paints and pretend to be Monet. Or Bob Ross. Or yourself doing something you love.

If you haven't read my first entry I encourage you to do so. I touch on how important gratitude is in living a happy, successful life. Being successful doesn't mean having a trillion dollars or the biggest mansion. Being successful is waking up everyday feeling great, full of gratitude, and doing what you love.

Take a few minutes after you read this and make a list of the things you love. People, places, hobbies... Then  pick one thing and figure out how you can 'do what you love' at least one time in the next seven days. Call that person you love or write them a letter. Visit that place. Revive that hobby... Nothing is too small or irrelevant as long you're loving it while you're doing it. Just sit outside in silence for a little while. Joy and happiness can come from anywhere.

This is your life. Take some time out for YOU.

Tell me what you love and what makes you happy. Comment below about how you can 'let what you love be what you do.' I'll look forward to reading your input.

See you again soon.


                       Brit C.

Gem Steady adj. 1. The art of vibing out to the max. Being so incredibly awesome it almost hurts. Focusing on the good and trying your best all da tiz-ime. Spreading that positive energy everywhere you go. Word.

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