Whittle Master Update & A Really Beautiful Engagement Ring


It's been a little while since I last posted here. Last time I came baring bad news and you guys completely blew us away with your love and support. The THINK CAMPAIGN was a huge success, and we are so grateful for everyone who helped share our message and purchased a bracelet. The Whittle Master is feeling MUCH better now and is thrilled to be back to work making beautiful stuff for you guys. We hope our story and message will continue to resonate, and that the THINK bracelets continue to serve as a reminder to be safe and focused behind the wheel.

The ring I'm about to tell you guys about was actually one of the many in progress right before The Whittle Masters accident, so we are thrilled it is now off the bench and onto it's new owners left hand-ring finger <3

Styled here with two Gem Steady diamond eternity bands.&nbsp;

Styled here with two Gem Steady diamond eternity bands. 

A few things make this ring extra special...

The center stone was custom faceted especially for this project by our good friend Kurt Card of Foothills Gemstones. We debated briefly on which type of gemstone to go with before deciding on white zircon (not to be confused with manmade cz), and are so pleased with how it came out. This gem sparkles like crazy. Zircons are some of the oldest used stones on the planet with the meaning of its name dating back to ancient Persian times. Zircon is said to have a intense energy encouraging self love and love for others. It is also used for grounding and speeding up sluggish chakra energy.

We also included two diamond baguettes on the band of the ring which are family heirlooms of the bride, making this a truly meaningful piece.

Watch the video below to see some behind the scenes shots of the making of this stunning ring. 

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