How Big Girly Girls Do It.

It seems I'm getting girl-ier with age. All of a sudden I seem to gravitate towards anything pink or (gasp!) heart shaped. Don't get me wrong. I will forever feel best in head to toe black monochrome, but it feels so right adding a bit of bubble gum to my usual dark party. 

Today I wanna share with you some of the most luxurious girly-girl jewels out there.  Pour yourself a Shirley Temple, pull up those bobby socks, and get that lip gloss poppin'. You're about to take Pretty Pretty Princess to a whole new level.

Let's start this post off on a super strong foot. I've long had an affinity for brooches and the jewel pictured above is literally fit for a queen so it seems a good one to begin with. 

The Williamson Brooch boasts an incredible round cut, pale pink center stone, which is said to be the finest pink diamond ever discovered. The uncut stone was first given to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift in 1947 weighing in at 54.5cts, and was later faceted into a brilliant cut round stone of 23.6cts, maximizing its color and brilliance. In 1953 Frederick Mew of Cartier created the jonquil flower brooch with the stone as seen above.

Soooo...If you would've asked me a year ago what my thoughts were on heart shape diamonds I would've told you it was a waste of good so much. I'm actually fu%$ing obsessed with Lady Gaga's heart shape engagement ring. This 10ct stunner had me drooling all over her Instagram for countless hours when she first posted it. This sparkler designed by Lorraine Schwartz is estimated to have costs over half a million dollars (and was well worth it if you ask me).

We all remember back in 1998 when there was that movie with Leonardo Dicaprio on a boat with Celine Dion or something like that... It was small. Barely anyone saw it. I think it was called Titanic, maybe?

But seriously. Remember that crazy necklace called 'The Heart Of The Ocean'? Well, not long after the film was made designers at Harry Winston decided they needed to create a big, badass necklace like that. So they did. Behold the $20million 15ct blue diamond necklace worn to the Academy Awards by Gloria Stuart. 

I think I could wear nothing but that piece and feel completely confident to go out into public. Like 'Here I am, world. Just me and my necklace.'

I'm gonna end this on a super duper high note. The last jewel I'm going to talk about tonight is the Pink Star Diamond. This Fancy Vivid Pink bauble weighs in at just under 60cts. In 2003 the PInk Star sold at Sotheby's Auction for  a world record price of $83,187,381 USD. The unidentified buyer later defaulted on his or her purchase so this incredible gem was added to the Sotheby's collection.

I hope you've all had fun reading about the jewels of the worlds most elite girly-girls.  What are your thoughts on pink diamonds and heart shaped jewels? Would you wear Lady Gaga's heart shape engagement ring? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below. 

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