Hello all of you Gem Steady fanatics! We wish each and every one of you a happy and safe holiday! We are here for another episode of WHO-WHAT-WEAR-WEDNESDAY, so grab some sugar cookies, and press pause on Christmas Vacation… yes, we know you are watching it.


Gem Steady hit some epic milestones in 2014 thanks to all of you, and today we are going to breakdown one of our favorite pieces that we cranked out this year. Of course we can only be talking about our perfect concoction of moldavite, amethyst and 14-karat gold, all bundled up into one amazing ring. We are so taken by the beauty of this ring, that we let it grace the home page of our website.


This beautiful ring, created by the one and only Whittle Master does a lot more than just sit on your finger and look pretty. This little ring diva carries some serious healing powers too. This ring has a presence and a personality all its’ own.


First, let’s discuss the incredible healing powers of the pear-cut moldavite stone that sits front and center on this ring. Precious moldavite is rare and coveted due to its’ mysterious origin. Roughly 15 million years ago, a large meteorite crashed into what is now rural Czechoslovakia, and upon impact, created the eerie green stone that is moldavite. This is the only known place that moldavite stones can be collected. Farmers often find the little green stones when they are turning up soil.


Our extra terrestrial green gem has a lot to offer its’ keeper. Moldavite is known for amping up levels of positivity and it helps to fight off negative energy from others. Got a Debbie downer at your office? Moldavite will help you shun the harmful energy that is trying to bring you down, and it will keep you focused on the good things in your life.


Moldavite will also keep you real. If you have a few skeletons in your closet, moldavite will encourage you to confront them, and set things right. Moldavite doesn’t necessarily make you dwell on the past, it is more of a stone that releases things that cause anxiety. Any hidden fears or secrets may be pushed to the surface when moldavite is around.


Moldavite will also get your creative juices flowing, and many business professionals find this stone useful for generating ideas and plans. It is an ideal stone for business owners who need ideas on how to keep the cash rolling in.


The pear-cut moldavite may be the heart of our spectacular ring, but our complimentary amethyst stones are just as important. Deep shades of purple and green evoke a sense of royalty and power when they mingle together. Amethyst is a great compliment to moldavite because it is also a soothing and peaceful stone. It is known to help people who are often stressed out and have short tempers.


Amethyst is known as the artist’s stone, and it is a great gem for painters, writers, sculptors, dancers, and other creative souls to wear. Amethyst can help one feel centered, even when they are surrounded by chaos. Amethyst really just wants to tell you that outside influences do not matter when it comes to feeling content and peaceful. Our deep-purple pal wants you to focus on how to make yourself feel absolutely great all of the time. So far, this ring is a recipe for ultimate success!


We must not forget about the base of this magnificent work of art. Just staring at something golden can evoke a warm feeling inside of us. The 14-karat gold on our favorite ring is infused with energy right from the sun. Gold is a wonderful metal for leaders and teachers to wear. It encourages one to understand the needs of others and to push selfish desires aside. Like the other components of our ring, gold also relieves tension and irritability.


Gold is much more than a mental cleanser. This glimmering metal is also an anti-inflammatory and it can fight off damage caused by UV rays. It has been said that Cleopatra wore a mask each night made from liquefied gold, so clearly it packs some serious skin benefits.


The stars were perfectly aligned when this ring was created. The amount of positive energy radiating from this ring is almost too much to handle, not to mention it is a classic beauty that can be passed down through generations.


It has been a great year for Gem Steady and 2015 is looking even better thanks to all of our loyal supporters! We cannot wait to see what the future holds. What was your favorite Gem Steady creation of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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