Hello everyone, and welcome to our second edition of Who-What-Wear-Wednesday. Depending on what part of the world you reside in, the brisk winter months may be slowly creeping up on you. While you may be under the assumption that it is time to retire your mini dresses and shorts for the year, our style star of the week may inspire you to do otherwise.

Our style star is a British babe known for her impeccable street style, her bangs that always seem to be tousled to perfection, and her husky voice that is the cherry on top of her coolness sundae. I am speaking of the lovely Alexa Chung, who found fame when she turned down acceptance into King’s College in London, and decided to pursue a career in modeling instead. While Chung realized this was a risky move, she quickly found work modeling for teen magazines, and popular clothing companies such as Lacoste and Urban Outfitters. She eventually branched out into acting. She starred in music videos, and fashion programs where she interviewed elite designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Despite her lucrative career as an actress and model, Chung is best known for her incredible taste in fashion. Need proof? The gorgeous Chung has won the title of British Style Icon for three years in a row, at the British Fashion Awards, she has multiple designer handbags named after her, and Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief has called Chung “a phenomenon”.

One may assume that Alexa Chung plucks all of her favorite pieces straight off of runways all over the world, but her style is far more complex than wearing the hottest trends everyday. “I’ve never been the type of girl that would wear something just because it’s a seasonal trend. I’m not an avid fashion fan in that sense.” Chung said, in an interview with AP Entertainment. “I just respond to actual clothes and craftsmanship.” Said Chung. Our style star has an addiction to well-crafted vintage clothes, and beautifully tailored pieces. Her styling process does not mimic magazine spreads, or runway shows. She has the ability to concoct and plan out flawless outfits in her head.

Chung also credits the fashionable women who stroll down the streets of London as a main source of her style inspiration. Chung’s organic fashion sense is really admirable, and she is a true mix master when it comes to spicing up basic pieces, and tweaking her wardrobe to suit every season.

Alexa has been spotted layering a basic gray hoodie under a color-blocked fur coat, and she balanced out her funky combination with classic black skinnies and black paddock boots. This stylish Brit knows that slightly off the wall pieces combined with classic wardrobe staples are essential for innovative style.

When the temperature drops, Chung does not pack up her favorite denim cut offs. She layers them over tights, and pairs the summer staple with a long sleeve blouse and black suede boots for a refreshing style solution. Chung is often seen strutting the streets in classic pieces such as flared skirts, and fitted leather jackets. She always finds a way to spice up these wardrobe basics with flirty prints, intricate details, or fabulous accessories.

While Chung is aware that you can’t go wrong with the classics, she is also not afraid of taking risks. She has donned black suspenders on the red carpet, and she is not afraid to rock a sequined skirt before sunset. This stye star is a true inspiration to all fashionistas out there. Alexa Chung should inspire all of us to take risks, and not rely on trends for the core of our style. We are all individuals with unique tastes. That is what makes fashion so much fun! 

I would really love all of you to send us a picture of you rocking an outfit that defines your personal style! Here at Gem Steady, we are all about individual style and we are so inspired by our awesome fans. Leave your outfit pics in the comments below or give us a shout out on Instagram! @gemsteady