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Good evening everyone! I just returned from a trip to England a few days ago and while I was there I had the opportunity to see the queen’s jewels. It’s amazing how stunning the gems are and how they sparkle in the light drawing in visitors from all around the world. Luckily, you don’t have to be a member of the royal family to own envy inducing jewels and Gem Steady is an amazing place to find unique jewelry with incredible energy.

Our gem spotlight illuminates an extraordinarily beautiful gem, and one of my personal favorites, opal. Opals come in a huge variety of colors ranging from white, yellow, red, green, brown, black, blue and pink.

The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit world “upala,” which means stone or precious stone. This amazing gem can be found around the world in places such as the United States, Australia, and Mexico.

In ancient Greece, people believed that Opals were the tears of Zeus and it was valued as highly as diamonds. They thought that Opals gave the gift of foresight and prophecy. In ancient Rome, Opal was worn as a symbol of hope and purity and it was thought to cure illness. Also, in ancient India people believe that Opal was the Goddess of the Rainbow turned into a stone. Interestingly, ancient aborigines from Australia thought that Opal was half serpent and half devil and the colors within the gem were an attempt to lure them into the devil’s lair.

The beautiful gem is often associated with inspiration because it can increase your imagination and creativity. If you’re having trouble beginning a project or a new endeavor in your life just grab your favorite Opal piece and it’ll help to bring you inspiration. However, the amazing characteristics of Opal don’t end there. Because Opal is largely considered a water stone, it can assist you in coping with changes in your life.

Opal is also thought to enhance your memory and decrease confusion. In addition, Opal is believed to be a protective stone that can assist you in dangerous places. This gem will also increase both your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Like many gems, Opal can bring you happy dreams and help to escape nightmares.

Physically, Opal can help you to alleviate the effects of headaches, Parkinson’s disease, insulin regulation and help boost your immune system and eyesight. Opal is associated with the Heart and Crown Chakras. However, different types of Opal can be associated with other chakras as well. Some types of Opals include Black Opal, Fire Opal, White Opal and Boulder Opal.

Opal originated millions of years ago after silica and water entered various cracks in the ground, which solidified and became Opal. Because this gem contains water it can be sensitive to heat and can crack or chip easily.

Are you looking for an Opal piece of your own? If so, Gem Steady has you covered! Do you have any experience with Opals amazing powers? We would love to hear about it, leave us a comment below or tweet us!

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