Amazing Ametrine

Good evening everyone! I hope you’ve loved winter so far. This week we’re talking about another stunning gem that is quite popular here at Gem Steady. This luminous gem is a beautiful combination of Amethyst and Citrine, which creates a unique gem with an equally unique energy. Our gem of the week is the remarkable Ametrine.

This exceptional gem has numerous ways that it can positively affect its wearer. For example, if you leave this gem out in natural light from noon on the day of a full moon and leave it out through the night, it will bring good luck in money ventures for the person who carries the gem.

Ametrine can bring your spirituality into harmony and can even help to inspire a huge flow of creativity, new ideas and insight. This gem has a Third Eye opening property from the Amethyst, which can help to heighten clairvoyance and increases your overall spiritual awareness.

This wonder gem is also used as a healing stone that can remove your pain and tension and bring an overall sense of well being to both your mind and body. It can also help you to remove depression from your life creating more inner peace and tranquility.

Ametrine is also associated with the Throat Chakra, or the voice of the body. The stone assists in ensuring that this important chakra is in balance. It’s essential for this chakra to be in balance because it allows you to express what you think and feel. Additionally, you are better able to express your ideas, beliefs and emotions.

It’s often used in meditation as a result of its ability to bring better focus, and can help to place you in a state of peace, which is crucial to the meditation process. From the Citrine aspect of Ametrine, the gem assists with creating clarity, joy, concentration and creativity. This gem also enables you to reach a higher state of consciousness and will help to bring harmony and balance your body and spirit.

Additionally, Ametrine is an awesome crystal that is often used to assist for angelic or spirit guide contact. Ametrine is definitely beneficial to use on a daily basis since it will help your spiritual abilities and promote positive energy. This gem’s amazing combination of Amethyst and Citrine will definitely benefit its wearer in a number of ways.

Are you looking for a unique gem like Ametrine? If you are, Gem Steady has you covered! Do you know anything else about Ametrine’s healing powers, or have any personal experience with it? We would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below or tweet us and tell us all about it!

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