Attention Boys And Pearls

   Happy Friday my lovely Gem Steadies, intern BB here! You may have noticed that Gem Steady has tackled the shiny and luxurious world of Pearls lately and it turns out that Pearls are good for much more than sitting pretty around your neck.
   Let’s dive deep into the ocean where the mollusk(origin of the Pearl) is minding his own business, when suddenly a grain of sand or a pesky parasite sneaks into the shell and makes itself at home. The poor invaded mollusk must now try to protect itself from the intruder by forming a hard and smooth surface around the particle. If the intruder hangs around long enough, the Pearl will continue to form, layer by layer. The Pearl is usually formed within one to six years and it sure is worth the wait!
  Pearls are considered to be a sign of purity and innocence. Just like a child, the quiet and calm little beauties are known to be very absorbent to whatever situations they are exposed to. Keep your strand of Pearls at home when you are expecting negativity to be present, so your little Pearls do not soak up the bad vibes.
  On the contrary, worn in a positive and healthy environment, your Pearls will become engulfed with positive energy and the best of vibes. Exposing Pearls to these good vibes will allow them to work in your favor and bring peace and enlightenment into your life.
  An interesting fact about my Pearl pals is that they are connected with treating blood related disorders and maintaining a good body temperature. Pearls have been said to give off a chilled effect when in contact with skin and can balance out bodily fluids. Traditional Indian medicine had an array of uses for the Pearl including jaundice, eye complications and Pearls were used to help people who had gone mad. Pearls are relatively easy to ground up, making them the perfect fit to use in medicine, potions and special drinks. However, I do suggest talking with your doctor before crushing up your Pearl necklace and mixing it with your breakfast smoothie(just in case)!
 The Pearl wants to help you feel a sense of peace and clarity within the mind. Pearls bring-out sensitivity and compassion within even the hardest of souls. In addition to the Pearl’s soothing effect, it will also aide in concentration.  I experienced this first hand last night when I zipped through hours of homework  without being tempted to visit Facebook. Good thing I was wearing my Pearl necklace!
   It is quite remarkable that an oyster’s defense mechanism against foreign bodies eventually becomes a lustrous and pure Pearl, that we get to wear and enjoy for a lifetime.  Do you have a favorite Pearl piece? Have you ever experienced the power of a Pearl? We would love to read all of your stories!
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  Thank you all for being such a lovely audience and I hope you take away some fascinating information about Pearls!

 Love Intern BB