Intros And Amethyst

check out that amethyst!

Rocking rocks, rocks!
 Hello ladies and gem-tlemen! My name is Brittany Barker(that's me with the serious finger candy above), but you can call me BB. I am honored and ecstatic to be a brand spankin new Gem Steady intern! Allow me to give you a small glimpse into BB’s world before we dive into a sea of jewels together. I am a 21-year-old Cincy native currently studying journalism and fashion at UC. My uncanny wit almost exceeds my love for music and kittens. My favorite guilty pleasures are bacon, vintage clothing, 70’s pop music, drawing obscure creatures, Jillian Michaels’ workout DVD’s and mojitos.
 Now enough about boring old me, lets talk about some purple rocks that will really knock your socks off! You may know my darling little friend amethyst as the purple stunner of the quartz family, however the power of amethyst stretches beyond its beauty.
  Amethyst promotes tranquility, is a natural stress reliever and wards off negative energy. Simply placing your favorite amethyst piece under your pillow or rubbing it across your forehead could aide in relaxation and calm the entire body. Amethyst is said to target the endocrine system, which is a series of glands that distribute hormones throughout the entire body. The endocrine system also controls mood and the desire to sleep among many other important bodily functions.
  In addition to amethyst’s relaxation benefits, it has been used throughout history to prevent overindulgence and it promotes purity. Ancient Greeks and Romans drank from amethyst goblets to prevent intoxication. Tired of being the person who wipes out on the dance floor before midnight? Slip on a little amethyst before your next night on the town. Stay tuned to learn more about the amazing healing power of your favorite gems!