Gemstone Faceting

Gem Steady is thrilled to be partnered with Ultra Tec to provide gemstone faceting courses and demonstrations right here in our San Francisco Bay Area studio. In faceting 101 you can expect to: 

-get acquainted with your V5 Ultra Tec faceting machine

-learn to read a faceting diagram

-determine how to choose a rough gemstone for best yield

-leave with a gemstone you've faceted yourself!

Faceting 101 is a comprehensive two day workshop where you will learn the ins and outs of cutting precious and semi-precious gemstone rough into gorgeous faceted gems! This class is ideal for both jewelry professionals and hobbyist. 

You will leave feeling confident about transferring and removing your stone from a dop, cutting and polishing facets and girdles, and working with your faceting machine. 

price for two day workshop $750

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