Wedding Band Workshops


It means a lot to us here at Gem Steady that we get to create wedding bands and engagement rings for our clients to wear for a lifetime. 

We know these pieces of jewelry are some of the most sentimental items you will ever own. We want to help make the story your rings hold even more meaningful. Gem Steady is thrilled to offer private wedding band workshops in our San Francisco Bay Area studio for you and your partner to be a hands on part in creating your rings.


How it works...

The process starts with an initial design consultation where we will discuss how you would like your wedding band to look, which metal(s) you'd like them to be created with, and any other specifics you want to include. 

Once we've nailed down your design it's time to set a date! Wedding band workshops can take as little as 4 to 5 hours to complete or up to 20+ depending on the complexity of your chosen design, fabrication method, and how fast you work. We can host you for a single day workshop or help plan your pre-wedding getaway for our out of town couples.

Rings can be made using several different methods. Together we can create your rings using stock wire, start from scratch with casting grain or bullion,  or even melt down your sentimental family heirloom jewelry to create your brand new bands.

Below are starting costs for each fabrication option. The addition of diamonds or gemstones, or more complicated designs may require additional cost. A final quote will be given at the time of your design consultation. A 50% deposit will be collected at the time of booking your workshop to secure your slot. 

Stock Wire-$1,400 labor (plus cost of precious metals)

Creating your rings with stock wire is the quickest method. This workshop will usually take around 5 hours to complete. In most cases you will leave with your rings the same day.

Casting Grain-$1,800 labor (plus cost of precious metals)

Creating you rings from scratch with casting grain is a really cool way to see your rings come time life from raw materials. In this workshop you will create your own precious metal alloy, create your ring wire with the use of a rolling mill and draw bench, form, sand and solder to achieve your finished ring.

Melting Down Heirloom Jewels-$2,200 labor (plus cost of precious metals)

Using your family heirlooms to create your wedding bands is a really special experience. Bring is grandmas old gold brooch or ring to melt and refine into brand new commitment bands for you and your significant other. During our design consultation we will discuss using your particular heirloom and the additional metal costs associated. 

Bullion- $2,200 labor (plus cost of precious metals)

Using gold bullion is a fun way go! Melt the coins down yourself then create your rings from scratch!


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