Diamond Nip Flashin' Janet

Diamond Nip Flashin' Janet


Someone get this lady a cardigan. Janets nipples are so hard they could cut glass. Literally.

Diamond Nip Flashin' Janet is the newest member of the IBTC and gets a little crazy when she's had too much boxed wine after a stressful day of PTA meetings.

This petite lass is crafted in 925 sterling silver and features two .75mm diamond nips.


Choose from 16,18, or 20" chain at checkout then get ready to party.

Diamond Nip Janet is currently made to order and production time is now 4-6 weeks. Please be patient while we create the perfect woman for you. Even God had to rest on the 8th day. Plus we don't wanna botch her boob job.

If you'd like Janet created in an alternate metal such as yellow gold or switch the diamond nips for say...rubies, get in touch and let's do the damn thing! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT.


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