Karen Two Doors Down

Karen Two Doors Down


I don’t know how, but Karen ALWAYS has the latest gossip. She told me on our walk this morning that Patsy had a few too many martinis at the PTA fundraiser and was practically swingin’ from Tom’s elbow. I mean...I heard the ‘Magnum’ rumors (and I did see him in his swim shorts last summer so I know it’s true) but add a little discretion to that cocktail, Patsy. Karen also told me she heard from Lynette and Darleen that Becky has been coming home real late the past few nights. I don’t know for fact, but I can speculate who’s been keeping her occupied. Heather’s not gonna like this one bit when she finds out.

Karen is a finger size 4 and is made from 14k gold and .25cttw of diamonds.

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