Becky Sugarbaker

Becky Sugarbaker


Becky Sugarbaker and Frenchy Sugarbaker are first cousins, but they haven’t spoken since ‘91 when the Better Homes and Gardens article came out. Becky moved out of Carter county for about 6 months a few years back. Said she was ‘finding herself’. Now I don’t know what she was finding per se but when she came back I swear to god she looked ten years younger. Been trying to get her to tell me her skincare routine for weeks, but she swears it’s only because she drinks 3 liters of water every night before bed. Poor girl must wake every other minute to use the loo, but damn does she look good!

Becky Sugarbaker is a finger size 3.75 and is made from 22k gold and a carved tigers eye cameo.

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