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5,000 Follower Giveaway!

5,000 Follower Giveaway!

Hey Friends!

How's it going today? I'd be willing to bet your day would increase in awesomeness by a million fold if you won a custom made Gem Steady ring totally for free. Am I right?

Well guess what?!

I will be giving away just that as soon as we reach our goal of 5,000 Instagram followers!

That's right! You read that correctly. Your eyes ARE NOT deceiving you!

The Whittle Master and I wanna give away a completely one of a kind ring made with the winners choice of one of the black onyx stones pictured above. All you have to do is help us grow our Instagram following! As soon as we reach our goal of 5,000 followers the giveaway will begin! 

The winner will have their choice of emerald cut, pear, or heart shape black onyx. The rest will be up to us! Yep. You got it! You pick your favorite shape and the rest of the design will be a total surprise! We love creating things that making you go oooohhhhhh, so whoever the recipient is can expect to get their socks knocked off! Also note that this contest is open to anyone WORLDWIDE!!!

Here are just a few ideas I've got floating around :)

This sounds amazing right? Here's how you can help us towards our goal....

1. Make sure you're following @gemsteady on Instagram.

2. Tag a few friends in your favorite photos on our page, and make sure you turn on our IG notifications so you don't miss any contest updates.

3. Share this blog post with your friends on social media and tell them all about this giveaway!

4. Keep your eyes peeled for when we hit the 5k mark! As of typing this we are just over 4400 so it shouldn't take long!

Thanks for checking in today! I hope you guys are as excited about this giveaway as we are! We can't wait to see you and lots of new faces on Instagram so please SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!



Brittany C.


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