All items can be found at &

All items can be found at &

Greetings to all of you gem lovers out there! The GS headquarters are sending mass warm and happy vibes to each and every one of you right now. 

There are certain elements implanted in every person that unifies us. No matter who you are, what continent you call home, and which side of the bed you sleep on, I can think of something that automatically connects us... we all are inspired by something. 

It could be a powerful quote from your favorite poet. It could be a stray, dangling rose in a garden full of thorns. It could be a super-fit mom on Instagram who manages to make healthy dinners for her family, despite being busy 24/7. 

The point is, I bet you know of something that makes you thrive. Something that makes you giddy as a school girl as soon as you look at it. One of our greatest inspirations are the gorgeous gems we create fine jewelry out of. 

If you are a gem-nerd, you will know the satisfaction of seeing the sun bounce off of your favorite stone, and illuminate it like a fireworks show against the night sky...

Today, we wanted to share two fashion boards inspired by our favorite stones. The rich, golden warmth of citrine gives you an instant burst of sunshine. Our cool-cat obsidian is a little bit urban-rustic, and 100% luxurious. 

You know what inspires us. Now, we want to know what inspires you! Tell us below what gets you through a long day, and what inspires you to get your creative juices flowing! 

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All items can be found at &

All items can be found at &