Hello to all of our gem fanatics out there! If you live anywhere close to the Gem Steady headquarters, you may be peering out your window at heaps of snow right now. Getting dressed in the winter can certainly be a drag. Any exposed skin will turn you into an instant popsicle, and only the bravest of people dare to wear heels on the slush covered ground.

Luckily, Gem Steady has no "right" season. Our timeless jewels can give you the boost of happiness and excitement you need before venturing out into the winter cold. Our latest creation, a set of earrings that combines the beauty of nature and old Hollywood elegance are the perfect addition to your year-round wardrobe. 

These little beauties feature classic gold and diamonds, but they also have a secret. The marvelous marbled-slate stone in the center is Obsidian, an element that forms from quickly cooled lava that does not have time to turn into glass. Not only is this stone obtained in an obscenely awesome way, but this volcanic rock has some firey powers too!

Benefits of Obsidian:

  • It has metaphysical properties that ward off negative vibes. 
  • Known as the "stone of truth", Obsidian can help one understand and accepts their faults. 
  • Whoever chooses to wear this volcanic rock will find themselves becoming more aware of their tendencies, and will gain a big dose of confidence. 
  • Not only does Obsidian help you understand your own ways, but it helps you to become more sympathetic toward others too.
  • Obsidian will help you realize that nothing is ever going to be perfect, but it can help you overcome the obstacles you come across. This gem may have a blunt personality, but it is also a sweetheart who wants you to practice spreading good vibes to all you meet.  

Gem Steady is known for fusing unexpected elements with classic stones to create on-of-a-kind pieces. How many couture jewelers out there whip out pieces that involve meteorites and volcanic rocks!? If you are dying to get your hands on an Obsidian piece, contact Brittany C. ASAP!

Cheers to the hope of warmer weather and beautiful gems!



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