Ten Interesting Silver Facts

 Hello everyone! I hope this day has been treating you wonderfully, and if you reside in the Cincinnati area I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather! Today, I would like to talk about something slightly different with all of you. Instead of focusing on the gems, I would like to talk about the material that holds the gems around your neck, fingers and wrists. Metals are the backbone of our jewelry. While they may not always get the same attention as the colorful stones they cradle, they are essential to most every piece of jewelry.

 Sterling silver is the shining star of this blog post, so everyone give one of our favorite icy metals a big round of applause! Sterling silver is known for its durability, and timeless popularity alike.

Here are a few facts about the glimmering wonder that is sterling silver:

1. Sterling silver has been making the rounds as a luxurious metal since 5000 BC. Sterling artifacts such as engraved coins, pots, rings and figures have been unearthed. Visit your local museums and see what silver artifacts you can spot!

2. It has been said that the glow of sterling silver represents the guiding light during our journey through life. Wear it, and feel a sense of protection and guidance.

3. Believe it or not, sterling silver is a real softie in its original state. In order to achieve the durable silver that makes up our jewelry, it must be mixed with other metals such as platinum or copper.

4. Despite being soft in its natural state, it takes quite a lot to melt this metal. Fine sterling silver melts at 1434 degrees F(779 degrees C).

5. At least twelve languages have a word that means both "silver" and "money".

6. During ancient times, silver was valued at a higher price than gold.

7. Sterling silver has anti-bacterial properties, and some hospitals use bandages that release silver ions which promote the healing of wounds.

8. Silver is cool to the touch and is said to rid of bad energy, and help to promote tranquility. I guess you could say silver is calm, cool and collected!

9. Silver has the highest degree of optical reflectivity of any element. High quality mirrors are backed with silver because this metal reflects about 95 percent of the visible light spectrum.

10. It is nearly impossible to find another word in the English language that rhymes with "silver". Can you think of one?

 Well, now we know a little bit more about silver! Beyond the jewelry industry, it is extensively used in the medical field, science and photography industries. We will never look at our cute sterling silver charm bracelets again! Are you aching to get your hands on the jack of all trades that is sterling silver? Click HERE to be directed to Gem Steady's Etsy page! Or request a custom order at www.gemsteady.com

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this post interesting:)

Love, Intern BB