Summer Must Haves

 Hello gem-tastic peeps! I hope you are all having an extra fabulous weekend! Summer offers endless opportunities to have fun in the sun, with friends and family. Whether you are heading to a music festival, pool party, or are having a cozy night by a campfire, chances are you have a few go to pieces in your wardrobe that you consider summer staples. Today, I want to share a few of my summer essentials that I simply cannot live without!

1. Long Statement Necklace: During the brutally hot summer months, I am all about looking chic with minimal effort put in. Long necklaces are fantastic because you do not have to fight with clasps or clips. You simply toss it on, and boom... You are fabulously accessorized! This Gem Steady necklace features Iron Landscape Quartz, and the neutral tones compliment practically all other colors! Have one made at

2. The Perfect Hat: I discovered several years ago that the answer to a humidity inflated hair disaster is a cute hat. I prefer lightweight woven materials such as straw so they do not create a mini oven around your head! Also, I have found that it is far easier to drive with a short brimmed hat compared to the wide brimmed counterparts. Throw this little taupe and peach cloche on with a long, breezy dress or with a tee-shirt and high waisted shorts. Find this hat HERE, and never fear humidity again!

3. High Waisted Denim Shorts: Long gone are the days where we are forced to settle on wearing basic jorts(Jean Shorts). Keeping a pair of high waisted denim shorts in your summer wardrobe is an excellent choice because they are comfortable, they often have adorable buttons, and all you have to do is tuck your shirt in and go. They look a lot more sophisticated than normal old daisy dukes and give you a seemingly instant hourglass frame. Pair them with a cropped top for a fun way to expose a little skin, or go for a lightweight sleeveless blouse for a look that is adorable and comfortable. These darling sailor inspired dark-washed shorts are from ModCloth.

4. Cute & Comfy Shoes: Summer involves a lot of walking, a lot of playing and it leaves absolutely no time for blistered feet. Fun flats are not only stylish, they are also practical! Decorative flats are the answer to all of your summer shoe needs and they are super easy. Just slip them on, and you are out the door! It is smart to have a pair of flats in a vinyl or patent leather material that you can wear in grass or rain without staining. These nude flats with golden accents are such a great summer staple! You can find these cuties at ModCloth

  These are just a few items that make my summer wardrobe come together. What pieces do you find yourself wearing a lot in the summer? Summer is such a great time to let your outfit choices represent how fun and great you are! Let a few basic pieces be your foundation so you do not waste a second of your summer staring at your closet, asking yourself what to wear! Thank you so much for reading:) And be sure to follow us on Pinterest where we post a lot of outfit inspiration pictures!

Have a wonderful and safe Saturday night folks, and stay fabulous!

Love, Intern BB