Once In A Blue Moon

  Hello my lovely Gem Steadies! Did you know that something spectacular is happening in the sky tonight? Peek out your windows at 9:45 pm tonight and you can see the blue moon.  You may be wondering what a blue moon is and why it is so darn special. Luckily I am prepared to tackle your most perplexing curiosities about the blue moon. The namesake of beer and a song covered by Billie Holiday, Elvis and Bob Dylan, the blue moon has been inspirational to many and is quite fascinating.
    Ready for some fun blue moon facts? The moon tonight will not actually be blue. It is more likely that the blue moon will be(drum roll please)… red. That’s right, red! A haze caused by weather and atmospheric conditions can give our sweet blue moon a reddish tint.
  Did you know the blue moon happens only once in a blue moon? Tonight’s blue moon will be the first in nearly three years. Most seasons have three full moons, but this season has four. Tonight’s blue moon is referred to as the third full moon in a four full moon season.  
  Throughout time, the blue moon has been referred to as the full red moon, the green corn moon and the full sturgeon moon.
  Now, going back to our Gem Steady roots, the moonstone is especially powerful and healing during a full moon. Known as the stone of new beginnings, moonstones promote lucid dreaming, intuition, empathy and can enhance psychic ability. Moonstones are also great for creating an even temper in both men and women and can rid of emotional instabilities. If you currently possess a moonstone piece, place it near your heart tonight during the blue moon and see what feelings take over your body. Or just sit back and enjoy the beautiful view… Maybe even crack open a blue moon?
  Extra, Extra: Pull out your cameras and snap some photos of the blue moon tonight and they will be added to this post!
 -Love BB