A Gem Of All Trades

 Happy Friday my lovely gem steadies, intern BB here! Are you ready for this week's star stone to be revealed? This little charmer is a member of the Quartz family, is double terminated(meaning it is pointy on several ends) and it was discovered in Herkimer County New York. In case you haven’t guessed, it is the Herkimer Diamond, and wow is it a stunner with all sorts of cool powers.  These gems are quite unique, not just because of their rarity, but they can have some neat “deformations”. Sometimes Herkimers will grow in clusters and there will be various sizes within each cluster. Other times the Herkimer diamond can have a fluid inclusion, where bits of water or oil get trapped inside of the stone.
  The Herkimer Diamond is a very peaceful gem, and is well known for its forgiving powers. Herkimer Diamonds can erase grudges that took a lifetime to form, and can help one to see the world in a new peaceful way.  Our pal Herkimer wants you to hold onto close, and important relationships and this gem works kind of like a friendship bracelet. Before parting ways with a loved one, each person should retain a Herkimer Diamond and it will promote telepathy between the two people. Herkimers are also said to retain information that can be retrieved at a later time.
  In addition to being a peaceful attunement stone, the Herkimer Diamond is a natural pain reliever. In a way, it is sort of the Aspirin of the gem universe. Simply place your favorite Herkimer on the pain-afflicted area and let the energetic currents of the stone work some magic. Herkimers are also great for getting rid of toxins and impurities within the body. In the past they have been used to correct imbalances within DNA and they have aided cellular disorders and metabolic rate.
   Going back to the Herkimer Diamond being a peaceful stone, it is a fabulous tension easer. Herkimers can bring a care free harmony to one’s self and it is a great stone for the super-stressed. Start wearing you favorite Herkimer piece to those stressful work meetings to feel a great sense of relaxation. Herkimers are very simple to use for stress relief. Simply place a Herkimer Diamond around the area facing grief, may it be your head, heart or anywhere else and let the good vibes kick in.
  Have I mention the Herkimer Diamond is an amazingly beautiful stone? Honestly, this gem has a lot of great qualities and is much more affordable than a real “diamond”, so there can be a little bit of Herkimer in everyone’s life, including yours! Gem Steady currently has some stunning Herkimer pieces waiting to work wonders for your life(and look pretty wrapped around your finger).
  Thank you all so much for reading! Do you have a favorite gem? Leave it in a comment below and it could be next week's gem!
 Have a beautiful week my gem steadies!
Love BB