Garnet comes in a wide variety of colors including green, orange, pink, yellow, brown, black, and mostly commonly red. Garnet is an energizing stone that revitalizes and balances the chakras. Garnet is helpful in times of crisis or trauma as it is thought to strengthen the survival instinct and bring hope. Use garnet to dissolve behavior patterns that no longer serve you and let go of obsolete ideals. Square cut garnet is said to bring success in business.

February- Amethyst

Gorgeous purple amethyst is known for its powerful tranquilizing vibration. This protective gem blocks negative energy and transmutes into love. Amethyst is useful in calming the mind while enhancing deep states of meditation and strengthening intuition. Place amethyst under your pillow or on your nightstand to promote a restful nights sleep. Wear amethyst to balance energy , alleviate sadness, and dispel anger. In ancient Rome drinks were served in cups made of amethyst to promote sobriety and prevent drunkenness.

March- Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone of calm and courage. Thought to filter overwhelming thoughts, clear confusion and sharpen perception. Aquamarine resonates with the throat chakra clearing communication blocks and allowing for self expression. Aquamarine is excellent for meditation as it sharpens intuition and spiritual awareness. Traditionally aquamarine was carried by sailors as a talisman against drowning.

April- Diamond

Diamonds have been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years. It is a stone of manifestation and attracting abundance. Diamonds amplify energy and are thought to bond relationships and enhance the bond between husband and wife. Diamonds impart fearlessness, invincibility, and clear emotional pain. Diamonds amplify all energy and will help pinpoint negative sources.

May- Emerald

Emerald is known as the "stone of successful love". This gem resonates with the heart chakra and promotes domestic bliss, loyalty, unconditional love, and partnership. Emerald is very calming and promotes positive actions. Use emerald to enhance psychic abilities and clairvoyance, as well as broaden visions.

June- Pearl

Pearls come in a variety of shapes and colors. From black, to pink, to silver, and the best know, white. Pearls have long been a symbol of purity, innocence, and faith. White pearls are said to promote good health while black pearls are thought to bring good luck. Pearls are thought to enlighten the mind and help one find his or her true calling.

July- Ruby

Ruby stimulates a passion for life. It improves motivation and promotes positive goal setting and ambition. As a stone of abundance ruby helps to attain abundance and retain wealth. Ruby can help us assess anger and remove negative obstacles. Ruby helps overcome exhaustion and charges up sexual energy. 

August- Peridot

Peridot is a protective stone and was used as a guard against evil spirits during ancient times. Peridot helps release emotional baggage and clears guilt and obsessions that can be counterproductive. Peridot is thought to help rid negative patterns and assist in moving forward. Peridot is used to reduce stress and resentment while enhancing confidence and motivating personal growth.

September- Sapphire

Sapphire is known as the "wisdom stone" with each of its many color varieties holding their own particular knowledge. Sapphire releases depression and mental tension to focus and relax the mind. Sapphire brings all areas of life into alignment; physical, mental, and spiritual.

October- Opal

Opal is thought to induce psychic visions and stimulate creativity. When properly programmed opal is thought to make you 'invisible' so that you may go unnoticed while venturing into dangerous situations. Opal helps to enhance self-worth and understand ones full potentials. Seductive opal is associated with love, passion, and eroticism. 

November- Citrine

Citrine is a powerful stone thought to embody the energy of the sun. As a powerful cleanser citrine absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive. As a stone of abundance citrine teaches how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Citrine raises self-esteem and removes unproductive thoughts and habits.

December- Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stone of magic and provides calming energy and encourages strong communication skills. Tanzanite helps one to be themselves and not take on the influence of others. It is said that those who wear tanzanite will become aware of their calling. 

***All information on this page is based off of centuries old tradition and lore, and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a qualified physician for any actual health concerns as Gem Steady and the rock gods cannot be held responsible***